Equestrian Surfaces

The Construction of a perfect all weather horse arena is all down to choosing the correct materials. Although there is debate as to the best combination of materials we are here to offer advice and competitive quotations for all your requirements.

A typical arena will consist of a drainage layer, sub-base layer, silica sand layer and then a topping whether it be rubber, fibre or other specialist toppings. This is laid with the membrane is between to prevent the materials migrating.

If you are unsure which products best suit your requirements please feel free speak to our sales staff who will be happy to provide you with a competitive quotation and send a pre-order sample.

The best recommended arena build up starts with a layer of drainage gravel. This is laid at the bottom of your arena, allowing any water to penetrate into the ground or drainage pipes if you are laying them.

We can offer various sizes of drainage gravel depending on your requirements.